The Versatile Blogger Award

So I was going through my email and I noticed that I hadn’t posted this anywhere yet!  Was going to but back when I received it in December of 2011, I didn’t have room for it on here.  Now I do but I had forgotten about it till now.

This award isn’t something serious in the large spectrum of things.  It’s not like a Nobel Peace Prize or anything but it was given to me by an author friend and because of that, it means something to me.  Thank you Markee Anderson for giving me this award 🙂  It’ll go right on the front page.

Now because it’s fun and it goes with the award, I’ve been asked to do two things.  The first is to tell seven things about myself.

1. I used to read the Encyclopedia when I was a kid.  Not always for research.

2. I once got out of PEAK for telling my parents I got into a fight on the bus.

3. When I was a kid, I stuck a watermelon seed up my nose.   We were in the waiting room at the hospital and dad was rough housing with me.  He turned me upside down and it fell out.

4. I once stole a pack of chalk from the dollar store.  I was too little to even remember doing it.

5. When I’m not reading, I’m playing video games or writing.

6. I just completed a flash fiction piece for a Halloween contest.  I’ll post about it if / when it’s posted.  If it’s not then I’ll share it here.

7.  All my life I wanted to be a teacher.  This changed when I went to college to computer science and then changed back when I failed Calculus LOL!

Second thing I’m supposed to do is give this award to 5 other bloggers!

I’ll give it to…

Rich Steeves – – because his blog is awesome!
Book Angels – – Mellisa and her gang are an amazing bunch of reviewers!
Rhodes Review – – Rick Rhodes was one of the people that made me want to blog about books.
Unwritten – – There’s always something fun to read on my evil twin’s blog!
CMash Reads – – Cheryl is just an amazing person and there’s always something fun to read on her blog 🙂

Well that’s it 🙂 Feel free to leave comments.  I thought this was a really fun thing to do and I have to thank Markee for thinking of me when she did it!   Look forward to more blogs from me on here in the future.  Ya know…in between reviews and other fun stuff!

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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  • November 15, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    WOW I didnt know you gave me this WOW thanks and thank you for all you have helped me with 🙂

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