Ring Binder by Ranee Dillon



Ring Binder by Ranee Dillon


Synopsis: “All power is borrowed, even ours. Eventually, it too will set as the moon rises.” ~ Samuel Lonary, Beyond the Veil (Character from Ring Binder)

Destiny. Power. Bindings.

All words from my childhood. Fairytales I once believed in, but everyone has to grow-up and live in the real world. At least, that was what I thought before the Iska appeared.

The townspeople thought Gran was crazy. In truth, so did I. Would you believe someone who told you an evil race of beings hunted you, and only you had the power to save the world? Yeah, I didn’t believe her either.

Then why did I feel so guilty? Well, the why was easy. Because she’d been right all along. The Iska hunted us both and I led them right to us.

But guilt and regret couldn’t change the fact that I’d rejected my destiny, destroying so much. My only choice was to find out why she left our people, the Mutaní, and uncover the secrets she worked so hard to protect me from. In doing so, her truth would become mine…

My name is Allison, and I am the Ring Binder.


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“Gran, I’m—I didn’t mean to—”
She held up her hand. “Are you ready to bear the weight of this one, Child?”
Tears streaked down my face now, hot against my cheeks. How could I possibly walk away from her? So many days she’d been there with a smile and a story, protecting me from Mom, and going on treasure hunts. She’d been my world. She and the Bindings were all I really wanted to remember from my childhood, but as I stood there watching the man I loved, feeling the warmth of Nickolas beside me, I remembered Mr. Cicerone’s advice.
‘Choose Nickolas, not Shanley.’
Nickolas smiled, soft and sad. He could see the struggle inside me. He knew what she’d meant to me, what she still means to me, but this wasn’t his choice to make. It was mine.
Can I walk away from her?
I wasn’t sure, and yet Shanley’s cold, determined stare tethered me to the floor. In all my years, I’d only seen that look one other time—when Mr. Bradley asked if she would ever go home to our people.
“It’s long past time for you to grow up and accept your destiny as a Binder,” she said. “He’ll take you away from that, and this foolish, adolescent behavior will not serve you when you’re bound to the Rings.”
Adolescent behavior? Bound to the Rings? I curled my fingers into a fist and held them tight against my legs. She’s making this too easy.
And she was, even if she didn’t realize it.
If I stayed, she wouldn’t stop pushing me about the Rings. She loved me, now, for this brief moment, but it was just a slip into reality and not something she could hang onto. No, the Rings and my supposed destiny were her only true concerns—the ultimate purpose behind every tender moment. She would never—co I pulled Nickolas towards the door.
“Allison Elizabeth Binder,” Shanley warned, “the Rings will never be yours if you leave with him!”
“They’re only Rings, Gran, and I’m too old to believe in fairytales.”


Coming June 2013 from Evolved Publishing


phone 3 371Author Biography:

I create universes in my head—fully formed, completely interactive worlds that play on loop until they forced me to pull out my pen. At which point, I hide away in my writing cave—okay, not an actual cave, but it is really cold—while I wrestle with words and characters until a novel is born. After the bright lights and trumpet sounds fade, the real work begins.


No matter what challenges novel writing presents, I wouldn’t trade a single moment for anything.


As the mother of four beautiful children, I wanted to ensure that my munchkins were able to see the magic in everyday life, that even the most ordinary of objects have a story to tell. You just need to look at them in a different light.


From this concept, The Binding of Twelve series was born, the first in my quest to bring the universes I carry to life.


For me, each moment is part of a journey. Every person I meet, and each adventure that sweeps me away, is filed in the recesses of my mind to later become a resource. I use these experiences to create the foundation for both characters and locations in my novels. I’m a firm believer that in order to write about life, you have to live some of it.


This is just the beginning of my writing journey. I have many more adventures planned for my readers. Hope you have fun exploring my universes! *Heart Hugs*


To learn more about me, check out my website, or catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf