The Dancing Boy by Michael Matson


Title:  The Dancing Boy
Author: Michael Matson
Publisher: Oak Tree Press
Publication Date: April 2014
Pages: 256

Star Rating: 4 Stars

I’ll be honest, when I took on this book, I didn’t have high expectations. It sounded formulaic. Retired crime investigator gets dragged back into the saddle by a death and the plea of a pretty woman. We’ve read that before right? Then I got to thinking, how many good books have I missed because I felt they sounded like other books? That’s the mindset I had going into The Dancing Boy and I’m glad I didn’t pass this one up. Treat Mikkelson has his demons but he also has his quirks. I’m hoping that this is a series so that we can see both play out over time. He feels like a very fleshed out character and I think the author has plans for him. I’m certainly rooting for him! With the murder on the small Puget Sound island, we aren’t just told it’s a quiet little area, we’re shown. We get to see events unfold at different places there, not just in some room at police headquarters or in discussions with people that only last a few seconds. Instead, we get the local gossip, we get that people are angry about certain developments and that on a small island, secrets are never really secrets yet at the same time something unthinkable can be going on and nobody knows it. Sure there is action and the pace picks up the further in you get but Michael Matson not only keeps your attention on what’s going on, he keeps your attention on the people too. That’s a very hard thing to do at the same time. I find myself usually either caring about the case at hand or the people driving the story. The Dancing Boy was a really fun read! I finished it in a couple days so I’d say for a weekend it’d be a perfect read for the beach or a day out on the deck taking in some sun. It’s descriptive, realistic, gripping and most of all it has heart.

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