Of Time And Place by B.R. Freemont

Title: Of Time And Place
Author: B.R. Freemont
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: July 2012
Pages: 531

Rating: 5 Stars

In Of Time and Place, we meet James Lendeman who lives in Savannah and works at a contractor for the government.  We also learn that the future he lives in is victim to a global energy crisis.  Over time, we learn that James was one of the people searching for answers to this problem.  He was right in the center of a web of political secrets that created personal conflicts.

We find out what made him leave and many other intriguing personal facts through B.R. Freemont’s masterful use of dual timelines.  It reminded me a lot of Stephen King’s The Green Mile in the sense that it feels like it comes from a person’s memory and the memories aren’t always in order.  You’ll find yourself stopping to think for a moment about where this takes place in the storyline and how it fits during the time he’s remembering it.  It’s also similar because it’s focused on James’ life and how drastically it’s influenced by the people around him and the people he chooses to interact with.  While James Lendeman’s journey was hardly that of Paul Edgecomb, I found it just as intriguing.  Freemont weaves current events and trends into this future and gives us some insight to potential outcomes.  For example, the price of gas is so high that people can’t even afford to own cars.  What cars are out there have to be hybrids.  Gas is only used for military and aviation reasons and tourism is almost non-existant.

Of Time and Place is a meaty read coming in at 531 pages but there is never a dull moment and the end will leave you not only wanting more but wondering about how much of Freemont’s future will come true.  I have to hand it to Nicole from Tribute books.  She really does put some amazing reads in my lap.

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