Blue Eyes by Jerome Charyn

Title: Blue Eyes
Author: Jerome Charyn
Publisher: / Open Road
Publication Date: April 2012
Pages: 260

Rating: 4 Stars

Manfred Coen is the protégé of first deputy Isaac Sidel and everyone in the department is jealous of him for it.  He gets all the big assignments, fast promotions and seems to be on top of the world until a corruption scandal causes Isaac to fall from grace.  Now as a normal cop, he’s tasked with finding the daughter of a porn director and finds way more than he bargained for.

Jerome Charyn’s book may have been originally published in 1977, but it’s still a fun read even now.  Charyn brings a raw and gritty voice to a tale that’s just as raw and gritty.  The characters are quirky and vibrant from Manfred Coen and his ping pong addiction to Chino Reyes, who does too many quirky things to mention!

I struggled a bit in the beginning with the language.  Some of it is just too dated to understand and I think a glossary of these terms is needed.   It would be so much nicer if we didn’t have to look these things up on the internet. The misogyny and racism is no more than expected for the time period and once you get used to Charyn’s writing style, the story is much more enjoyable.  I thought I would hate this book in the beginning but now I find myself looking forward to book two.

Thank you to Tribute Books for the review copy.  It in no way influenced my review.

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  • Isaac Sidel is definitely not for everyone – one reviewer called it the most politically incorrect novel she’d ever read – but I am so glad it IS for you. It’s New York City in a parallel universe, but it doesn’t surprise me once you have your “visa” you want to stay there for more!

    Hey, Tribute Books, Jerome Charyn just asked me how we can get Misty her own copy of book #2 (especially since it’s a prequel!)

    Thanks for your review – the honesty of your saying you thought you’d hate it blew me away!


    • I would love a copy of book 2! That would be awesome!

      Wow.. I just don’t know what to say. Honesty is a very important thing to me. There were points in the beginning where I was so worried that I wasn’t getting what was going on because I spent too much time worrying about looking up words. It works so much better when you’re just like forget it and toss the dictionary out the window.

      I was talking to a fellow reviewer about this book and I told him it kinda reminded me of struggling to read Jane Austen. You hate it at first because it’s like she’s speaking another language but then when you get it, you see how beautiful the work is.

      • You gave me a great idea – a glossary would be a kick AND funny. It could be like travel guide to the alternate universe of Isaac Sidel’s world. A map would be great, too. I think I’ll get to work on those. (It should come with a passport and visa.)

  • Misty, I’m so glad that after getting into the world of Isaac Sidel – you’re eager to dive into Book 2. I’ll be more than happy to connect you with Lenore.