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Title: Deceived
Author: Ashlee Mallory
Publisher: Indie
Publication Date: April 2016
Number of Pages: 299

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Olivia Michaels’ perfect life she’s made for herself is turned violently upside down when she’s accused of inside trading and fraud.  Suddenly she’s also being charged with the murder of her best friend.  With the walls closing in and the possibility of life in prison or even the death penalty seeming very real, she accepts a deal.  After losing everything and spending three years in prison, she knows who wronged her and she wants revenge.

This book grabs you and doesn’t let go!  I know that sounds cliché and has been said about many other books but this one really grabbed me!  I loved how real it felt and how real the characters felt.  A couple of things felt rather convenient but they worked to move the story along and didn’t bother me too much.  The action is high and so are the emotional levels.  You want to really see how Olivia extracts her revenge!  I find myself wondering what the next book in this series is going to be.  Hopefully it’s about the women Olivia became friends with in prison.  The ones she kept talking about helping once this was over.  I’m interested in their stories.  Deceived was a really great read that I devoured in three days.  Can’t say I’ve done that a lot with books lately.  I’ve been busy doing concert photography, but I really had to know how it ended!

Thank you to Partners in Crime Tours and the author for the review copy.  It in no way influenced my review.

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