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On April 23rd, 2016, I attended my FIRST ever Ohioana Book Festival.  I hadn’t been able to go in the past because my spine just wasn’t up to all the walking around one has to do at conventions!  This year I felt well enough to go and my mother and I arrived at the Sheraton on Capital Square right as the first panels were beginning.

I crashed a lot of panels and I’m saving those all for one big post because there were a lot of them on various different subjects!  A lot of my author friends were in them too 🙂  They deserve their own post.

ernhardt1What I’m going to blog about today is what happened after I crashed the first three panels and then went up to the ballroom where all the author tables were set up.  The first author that I saw and knew was none other than Donna MacMeans who is also going to get her own post!  🙂   While I was talking to Donna and admiring the pretty jar of peacock feathers on her table, I happened to notice the lady sitting next to her.  She was looking at her phone like we all do when we’re bored and doing nothing at a table.  Don’t act like you don’t!  I do!

The nametag in front of her table said M.B. Earnheardt.

The poster next to her was black with eye catching lime green stars and at the top it said “Chris and Amanda make a bedtime wish that changes their lives forever.”

Call me intrigued right!  Yep I’m intrigued!  So I excused myself from Donna ( Mom was talking to her anyway ), introduced myself and asked about Mary Beth’s book.  She told me about the book and how it’s a different twist on the Freaky Friday story.  I loved that story and the movies ( yes even the newer one ).  So I decided to buy a copy.  I picked up one off her table and asked her to sign it!

That’s when she informed me that this was the first book she signed.  I thought she meant for Ohioana…

NOPE!  She meant EVER!  I was her first signature EVER!

This is the part where I add the jaw dropping smiley right?  Yeah!

What do I write?
What do I write?

She opens the book and asks “What do I write?”.  Now this gets me thinking:  Authors, please take note of this.  Readers are okay with you writing the same thing in every book you sign, but we really cherish personal comments.  Don’t destroy your brain trying to think of something earth shatteringly profound.  Just say something sweet and heartfelt and we’ll be happier than a Lark.

Where did that saying come from anyway?  Larks aren’t happier than any other birds.. Or are they?  I’ve never encountered one that I know of.  If I have, they certainly didn’t SEEM any happier than other birds and I’m derailing myself.

My answer to her ended up being “Anything you’d like!”  I don’t know what she actually wrote in the book because I don’t look at signatures until I start the book but I’m sure what she wrote is absolutely perfect.  Here is a shot of her signing the book:


After that, I talked a bit more about my book blog and how I HAD to blog about this 🙂 We readers don’t get to be firsts very often.  It’s a very high honor.  I thanked her for signing my book and was on my way to go run over and chat with Meg and Anne from Thurber House.  I can’t wait to read Switch-A-Wish and I will post the review right here on TTS.  Hopefully I get to see Mary Beth again!  Maybe she can tell me about books she signed since mine! Check out her book below and support her and TTS by buying a copy!


  Chris and Amanda Claridge are that couple. They look happy. They live in a well-kept home, have three little girls and fit squarely into the roles of husband and wife.

Chris is a handsome college professor who easily charms everyone he meets. He loves his job and can’t wait to go to work everyday. Amanda is a dedicated mother and caretaker. She tends to the kids and appreciates how important her job is, even if others don’t get it.

Underneath the surface of this functioning family, things are unraveling. Marital problems are about to split them apart when something magical happens.

Chris and Amanda make a bedtime wish that forces them to live life as the other person. Chris must pretend to be his wife as he takes on childcare and household chores. Amanda steps out of her heels and into her Chris’s shoes to tackle his job as a college professor.

The role reversal is a revelation for the couple. Neither one has it as good, or bad, as they expected.

Can Chris and Amanda make it past the secrets they have kept from each other? Will this new perspective give them the chance to find their way back to love?

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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  • May 15, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    This is very, very cool. Thank you so much Misty for visiting my table and, well, for being my first. I really had no idea what to say or sign. And that you blogged about it here? Well, that just makes it extra special. Now the Ohioana Book Fest and The Top Shelf will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks again!

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