Interview & Giveaway: Liz Borino

The Top Shelf would like to welcome Liz Borino to the blog!  Liz has done some guest blogs for us pretty much since we started.  We had a character interview and now, we get to interview the author herself!

TTS: How did the idea for the Taylor Twins series come about?

Interestingly, it came about from reading The Secret. I wanted to write a story about people living their ideal life. However, I knew there will always be obstacles in that, so I highlighted those as well.

TTS: You’ve got three books out and you’re currently working on book four.  When you started this did you think it would be that long?

No, not in the least. I thought after Expectations I’d be done, but the characters wouldn’t leave my head.

TTS: I like to ask this question of every author I interview because I find character creation interesting.  How did you name your characters and did you shape them after people you know in real life?

I can’t really explain how I name characters, I just try certain names on them to see if they fit. If they don’t I change it. As for if they’re modeled after people in my own life, yes, to a certain extent. In other words? Don’t wrong the writer.

TTS: When you sat down to start the first book Expectations, did you have the storyline all planned out or did it take a life of its own beyond the initial paragraph?

I always have a plan, but the characters don’t like to stick with it. So, much like life, plans in novels don’t always, or even usually, work out for me.

TTS: Were there ever moments where the story didn’t go the way you planned or personally wanted it to go?  How did you deal with that?

Yes, especially with this last one. One thing I didn’t expect was for Carley to be so insufferable. What did I do? I gave Matt an alternative.

TTS: How big a part does social networking play in your writing process?

Oh lord, I’d be lost without my betas. They are invaluable for bouncing ideas off of and just generally irreplaceable. For example, between the two couples in my books they have five kids. I don’t have children, or know anything about them. So, it’s very important to get some realistic child actions/words/behaviors.

TTS: Let’s switch gears here a little and talk about Liz Borino the reader!  What do you like to read?

I’m pretty open. I like good books with believable characters that I can’t help but root for.

TTS: Are you reading anything at the moment?

I just finished Janice Grove’s The Rain Song. Awesome book!

TTS: Let’s talk about cliffhangers.  Your book ends on one! Do you as a reader like cliffhangers? 

Yes and no. Cliffhangers annoy me as a reader, but they also ensure I’ll read the next book. Win-win.

TTS: I have actually gone over my normal number of questions for this interview!  So just one last question, are there any other books you’re working on currently or planning to work on after you’re done with the Taylor Twins?

Yes I am. I have been contracted to write a m/m erotica novella trilogy! I can’t wait.

TTS: Once again, I would like to thank Liz for being here.  She’s been a huge supporter of TTS and I can’t thank her enough.  I hope we can bring her back another time for some more fun!

Liz Borino is the author of the Taylor Twins series, which includes Expectations, What Money Can’t Buy, and Gifts from the Past. Her short story “Jesse” was included in the Lazy Day anthology, Indulgence. She earned her BA at Hofstra University in 2010 and is currently pursuing her MA in English at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. When Liz isn’t writing or doing homework, she enjoys traveling and has spent time in Europe. One day she will escape the suburbs of Pennsylvania for good, but until then she’ll continue to give her characters more interesting lives than she has.

Contact Liz:
Facebook: Click Here
Twitter: @LizBorino


Liz has graciously offered up a whole set of her Taylor Twins e-books for one lucky winner! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment and a valid email in the email box.  One winner will be chosen by on Monday, February 06, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern.  Good luck! There’s information on each of the books right under this!

Taylor Twins Series

Synopsis: Expectations depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familiar obligations. This is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Their best friend and roommate, Aiden O’Boyle, left his family behind in Ireland to pursue a career in dance.

Robert Taylor, Matt and Chris’s father has set certain conditions that must be met in order for them to receive their trust funds. Matt must work at a job he hates while struggling with alcoholism. Chris has to deny his own desires and deep love for Aiden, to get married to Matt’s girlfriend. All the while, their father continues to use extreme measures to ensure his sons’ compliance. Will they learn to lean on each other and discover their strength or succumb to their father’s will?

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Synopsis: What Money Can’t Buy, the sequel to Expectations, finds the two couples, Chris and Aiden and Matt and Carley, eagerly anticipating parenthood. However, their personal struggles continue. Though Matt overcame his dependency on alcohol, new temptations present themselves. And with Carley on bed rest, these temptations put a greater strain on their relationship. Chris continues to deal with issues regarding his father. These issues increase with greater proximity. When tragedy strikes, the best and worst in everyone is revealed. Can they stick together, or will their reactions tear them apart?

Buy it now at:
Amazon (Kindle) $3.99 | Barnes and Noble (Nook) $3.99

Synopsis: Following Expectations and What Money Can’t Buy, the third novel in the Taylor Twins series, Gifts from the Past, finds the twins, Chris and Matt Taylor, immersed in the greatest challenges of their lives—parenthood. Chris and Aiden are raising their adopted daughter and their special needs son, who struggles with physical and emotional challenges daily. Matt, on the other hand, has a beautiful and happy baby girl. However, his fiancée, Carley, has gone from overemotional to abusive and Matt needs to decide his best course of action. When Ally, Chris’s college girlfriend, comes back into the twins’ lives, everything becomes complicated. Especially for Matt.

Gifts from the Past is a novel redefining love, family, loyalty, and ultimately survival. Sometimes, taking the best from your past moves you forward through the present, creating a brighter future for you and your family.

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Amazon (Kindle) $4.99 | Barnes and Noble (Nook) $4.99

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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