Interview & Giveaway: Ian Woodhead

So Ian Woodhead was supposed to do a guest blog but somehow he got it in his head that it was an interview and was waiting on me.  So I go looking for a guest blog and find this out.  What did I do?  I went with it!  Here is the most impromptu interview I have ever done.  We talk about Zombies, Vampires, and what he’s working on currently!


Ian Woodhead: Ready when you are. Is this a question and answer things?

Misty: No it was a you write on whatever in the heck you want thing.Then I give away your entire backlist apparently.

Ian Woodhead: oh, bugger. sorry, I was waiting on you to ask me questions and things. Bugger, bad Ian!

Misty: doh that would be an interview mate LOL

Ian Woodhead: Okay, since you asked! Fire the first question!

Misty: Just whip something up real quick. Talk about zombies!

Ian Woodhead: Ooh, that’s a good one, well I guess my introduction to zombies came about when I was the tender age of 10. Our local Working Man’s club (Think of a bar that you had to be a member of) were showing a series of movies on their big screen projector every Friday night.

Misty: ROFLOL I should post this just like this.

Ian Woodhead: Thinking back, they must have been VHS rip-offs or something, ha! totally illegal!  Anyway, the movie the week before was Raiders of the lost ark so my folks reckened I’d be okay to go to the next one. They stayed home and I went with friend of the family.  And the movie they showed – Dawn of the Dead! Oh, Christ on a Bike! Talk about nighmare frigging city!

Misty: I didn’t think Dawn of the Dead was that scary..

Ian Woodhead: It isn’t, not now. Remember though, this was in the early 80’s and I was 10!  The worst horror I’d seen were the hammer films.

Misty: I was young when I saw it too.. Maybe I’m just seriously desensitized. I always thought it was cool even the 80”s effects with the slimy guts that would look cheesy now

Ian Woodhead: This was before crap copies of Evil Dead were passed around the playground.

Misty: Do you think zombies have gotten progressively dumber in movies over time?

Ian Woodhead: LOL! They ween’t that clever in DOTD!  I think some of the stories have got dumber.

Misty:  night of the living dead, the one done in 68 mind you. The zombies were pretty smart. I mean like they knew to use rocks on doors.

Ian Woodhead: Yeah, that’s true, I’d forgotten about that. I think the whole idea of ‘dumb’ zombie is now kinda universal, well it was until romero Introduced his smarl petrol pump addenant zombie in.. was it survival of the dead?  Help me out here, Misty.

Misty: I’ll have to find that one. I bet my dad has it already LOL. He was watching one the other day where they were talking. I was like did that zombie just form a whole sentence?

Ian Woodhead: hehe.  So that was my first experience to modern horror.

Misty: Then again there was the Harry Truman Zombie in Return of The Living Dead 2

Ian Woodhead: Well, the first one to have such a profound effect on me.

Misty: So there’s kindof an up and down between smart zombies and not so smart zombies. Lately we’ve seen the rise of the “super” zombie. You played with them a little bit in your books. We’ve seen them in Left 4 Dead and Dead Island. Why don’t people freak out as much when we mess with zombies as when we mess with vampires?

Ian Woodhead: Oh, now that, I think, was Russo’s take on the rising dead idea. His could talk, groan for braaiiinnsss and couldn’t be killed with an axe through the brain. With zombies (Romero style) it’s the sheer numbers that scare us. As for vampires. Ha! a bunch of wimps!

Misty: But why do you think fans of the genre freak?

Ian Woodhead: At vampires?

Misty: Yeah. And why not when we mess with zombies.

Ian Woodhead: Maybe because a vampire would rip the baseball bat out of your hand before you had time to blink, then turn you into raw hamburger meat with the said instrument.

Misty: So you think it’s because vampires are more romanticized? They’re intelligent, have emotions..things like that.

Ian Woodhead: Bollocks to all that sparkly crap! Their emotions like their strength would have been enhanced and amplified. I’m talking lust, hate, anger, jealousy here. Notions of love and passion and charity and generosity would have no place in a vampire’s psyche.  Well maybe passion but only combined with lust and anger, I suppose.

Misty: Well you never see chicks saying “I want to be bitten by a zombie! OMG” LOL

Ian Woodhead: Chicks saying ‘i want to be bitten by a vampire’ needs their heads looking at.

Misty: So where are zombies going with your books?

Ian Woodhead: A vampire is a pure carnivore. They ain’t gonna fal in love with their food.  Well, I started on the next series this morning. This set will take place one year after the outbreak. Not many living humans are left. The ones that are know that adversing their presence is going to get them killed.  The infection raised the recently dead and ‘killed’ others only for them to return. Now, after a year, there shouldn’t be much left of these walking corpses. I think the weather, bacteria and invertebrates would have turned them into mummiefed bags of bones after 12 months.  Do zombies rot?

Misty: Sounds about right.

Ian Woodhead: *shrug*

Misty: I’d imagine they would int he sun. There was an article on cracked about that. I’ll have to send you the link later.  Actually here ya go! I’ll post this in here too.  So you think all the survivors have to deal with now are the newly infected?

Ian Woodhead:  I think the virus would have slow the process down, maybe even altered the necrotic flesh to make is toxic to insects but nature always finds a way to reclaim her property.  Anyway, so we’ll still have ‘deadies’ in the next series but they won’t be as deadly as before. Now the virus also altered two other groups which you met in the first book. The Competitors and the zombie kids. The competitor idea (Smart zombie) was covered in Walking with Zombies. The zombie kids will have their spotlight in the thrd one.  Those two groups will have more fun in the next series.

Misty:  Sounds like you’re already having fun with it.  So what are you going to move on to when you’re done with zombies? Or do you think you’ll ever be done with zombies?

Ian Woodhead:  Yeah, it’s good to be able to let my mind float around. It been a bit stressed out with the nano contest.  Well as for moving on, I’ve already got three, no. four novels waiting in the wings, just waiting for me to return to them.  Rags and Bones – That’s a fun one to write.  Now our world is a pretty shitty place, murder, rape, torture, god, you name it. Now try to imagine it a million times worse.  In order to stop it from getting that bad, there are certain towns scattered throughout the world that act as er pressure cookers.  These towns are full of psychos, they are help to ‘pull in’ the wandering murderer and sickos the real nasty pieces of work.

Misty: Sounds good!

Ian Woodhead: Now on the surface, these places look like any other town.  Well Rags and Bones is set in one of these places, there are a unseen guardians that ensure these idiots stay where they belong.  Our story start when someone discovers the town’s secret and sets about trying to find a way of letting all these psychotic Pandoras out of the box!  Misty, have you ever seen a Brit movie called Descent?

Misty: No I don’t watch movies too often anymore. Too busy reading all this great stuff! :)🙂

Ian Woodhead: Ha!  Well Descent concerns a bunch of potholers who visit a caving system and most get eaten by a tribe of carnivorous humanoids.  I’ve a story called Duplicity. In this a couple become separated from their guide and end up lost in an unexplored part of the caves. They two become victim to a tribe of humanoid carnivores. The major difference is that this lot are changers. chamaeleons, they take the form AND thoughts or their victims and head back to town.

Misty: Wow so you’ve really got a lot going on!

Ian Woodhead: Now this couple REALLY do think that their the originals and picks up their live. a crap job in the mill, feeling a little insecure etc.  The story starts when the others in the tribe find their way to town, they have the form of mr and mrs normal but the thoughts of hungrey sex obbsested carnivores!  I’m hoping to finish these next year.

Misty: So since I’m posting this on The Top Shelf, you want to tell the readers what you’ve offered up for them for our birthday?

Ian Woodhead: Oh okay doke, well, I want to offer four novels, if thats okay. Third Sight, Shades of Green, The Unwashed Dead and Walking with Zombies.

Misty: Honestly, I think this is pretty awesome! :)

Ian Woodhead: Thanks

Misty: So how I’m gonna go about this is to enter, they have to leave a comment with a valid email in the email field. Winner will be chosen by at 8pm eastern which would be 1 am your time on on Saturday December 4th..for you it’d be the 5th.

Ian Woodhead: Cool, Once the winner is picked, I’ll supply four coupons for the Smashwords site valid for a couple of days, if thats okay.

Misty: Totally awesome! Thank you for this strange impromptu interview / discussion!

Ian Woodhead: Not a problem, Misty.


Ian Woodhead is just past the age of forty. He lives in the north of England and is married to a wonderful woman. He has forgotten how many children he has. He had been writing for nearly twenty years but has only just gained the confidence to start showing his work. Ian finds it a little creepy writing about himself in the third person.


Synopsis: In the town of Leechester England what starts out as the demise of a puppy and his owner, turns Adrian Winter’s world upside down. Events make him doubt his sanity. Why is he losing time? Why is no one else seeing the Demons, Zombies and other realms. His world spirals out of control, he hasn’t lost his mind, he’s to face his fears and save his loved ones.

Synopsis: Damian and his brother Alan are about to embark on an adventure that will have them guessing reality at every turn. With lethal vegetation and demons running rapid, Damian and Alan only have a short time to save their small English town from a violent alien invasion.

Synopsis: In a rundown council estate in the North of England strange things are happening. The dead are not quite as dead as they should be. A mysterious government body has decided to use the estate as an experiment. Things are out of control & now they need to eradicate all knowledge & existence of the estate The survivors have to fight overwhelming odds to escape.

Synopsis: Despite attempts to quarantine the Breakspear housing estate, the infection has somehow spread further into the city. Whole neighbourhoods are falling to the undead plague. On the outskirts, the staff and customers of the Stockholm Club have no idea that the moaning dead are slowly shambling towards them. This story is the second book in the Zombie Armageddon series.


Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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    I got my start with zombies with Night of the Living Dead, but I have to say it was the Resident Evil video games that totally got me hooked on zombie fun.

    I was just told the other day I should write something and put a zombie in it. LOL. Like you can just throw a zombie into anything you write these days.

    Was a great interview and a fun read. Thanks.

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