Interview: Elita Daniels

TTS: The Top Shelf would like to welcome Elita Daniels to the blog! Tell the readers a little bit about yourself and your book Guardian.

Elita Daniels: I’m from a small town in North Queensland, Australia. I’m 29. I started writing when I was 25. My husband and I have been married for over 10 years and we have two cats, Jinx and Lulu.

Guardian is set in a world where vampires live openly in society, but each vampire is assigned a human to monitor them and make sure they obey the law. The story revolves around Anna, a vampire, and her struggle with bloodlust and the authorities who want to take advantage of her and perform experiments.

TTS: How did the idea for this book come about?

Elita Daniels: When I first thought what it would be like if we had vampires living among us—how would we control them and what would happen if they were all treated like criminals? I thought it would make a great story, especially through the eyes of a young female vampire who is assaulted by her Guardian and taken captive by another. I drew inspiration from Equilibrium, True Blood, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Resident Evil.

TTS: I like to ask this question of every author I interview because I find character creation interesting.  How did you name your characters and did you shape them after people you know in real life?

Elita Daniels: Once I start to get a feel for my character random names start popping into my head. I reject each one until I find the name that seems to fit, even if it’s not one I particularly care for. If it suits the character, I’ll go with it. As far as shaping characters after people I know in real life, well, I may use minor traits and characteristics, but I prefer to keep away from using people I know. It would freak me out too much to try and get inside their heads that intimately.

TTS: Did you have the storyline all planned out when you sat down to write or did it take a life of its own beyond the initial paragraph?

Elita Daniels: I had a pretty good idea of where I was going before I knuckled down and got serious about writing, but I also very much went with the flow. Each story has its own rhythm and I think you have to be careful not to disrupt it.

TTS: When you sit down to write a story do you use an outline?

Elita Daniels: Whenever I write I start with notes and a loose outline, but I keep myself as flexible as I can and let the character’s guide me. Fortunately, they usually go where I want.

TTS: Where there ever moments where the story didn’t go the way you planned or personally wanted it to go? How did you deal with that?

Elita Daniels: Guardian pretty much went how I expected it to. But like all my books there were some parts that went slightly differently to how I had anticipated. Sometimes when that happens it’s really frustrating, but other times it’s a great surprise.

TTS: What led you to writing?

Elita Daniels: My love for movies and acting. I just love creating stories and the people in them.

TTS: Are you planning on sticking to one genre or are you going to branch out into others?

Elita Daniels: I don’t really get too caught up in genres. I just write what comes to me. I’ve written Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and now I’m attempting my first YA Paranormal Romance.

TTS: What do you like to read?

Elita Daniels: Anything that sweeps me away into another world. I like the story to feel authentic, but not too much like real life. Real life can be depressing. More than anything I enjoy really intense love stories.

TTS: What are you reading at the moment?

Elita Daniels: I’m not reading anything at the moment. I have to be careful of what I read while writing because it can influence me quite heavily.

TTS: Do you think what authors read influence what they write?

Elita Daniels: I think so. How can it not? I’m sure some authors are more influenced than others.

TTS: Can you tell us a bit about what you’re working on right now if you’re working on anything at all?

Elita Daniels: I’m working on “My Boyfriend is a Zombie”. It’s a YA Paranormal Romance about a girl who meets a zombie in the cemetery and falls in love despite the inherent difficulties of loving a person who died before you were born.

TTS: Once again, I would like to thank Elita for taking the time to be here! I would love to have you back again sometime!

The idea of exploring fascinating characters and great stories has always captivated me. Working with a small team of people who get excited over the same project, the story, the cover design, the videos, and everything else that goes into bringing a book to life. It’s been a pleasure to work with my friends and family, and all of you who have supported me along the way. We still have a long way to go, but I’m looking forward to it!

I had dabbled a bit with story writing for years, but it wasn’t until I wrote a screenplay for a competition, from which I received some excellent encouragement that I decided to try my hand at a novel. But I had no story. I did, however, have a beautiful little scene in my mind of mother and son running from something or someone. As I began to get excited and ask myself more questions a story began to unfold. Then my beloved dog, whom I had loved and looked after for over thirteen years died in my hands, and my world went black. Not only for the loss of him, but the sudden revelation of mortality. I thought of all my loved ones, the fragility of life, and how I could not bare to lose any one of them. Here, a silhouette of a story was taking shape.

It wasn’t until I came across a picture on the internet of a dark-haired young man, who was devastatingly beautiful, that my story rapidly came together. I did some research and discovered he was a character from Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon”, portrayed by Garrett Hedlund. It was decided instantly. I wanted more of him. All the feelings impressed on me when I look at him I put down on paper. And this fantastic story came alive, with characters so real I couldn’t stop them from speaking in my mind, even at night when trying to sleep.

With the help of my husband (putting up with my virtual love affair with Garrett Hedlund), the help of my family and friends, and my beautiful dark-haired muse, an awesome story came into being. It was a wonderfully therapeutic, exciting experience and I look forward to many more great stories!


Synopsis: Please be aware, this is not a YA/Fantasy novel – it contains notable adult-only elements.

Sex, lies and experiments – Sometimes blood is not enough.

After four years as an unwilling lab rat in a government medical facility, Vampire Anna is released back to society under the watch of a Guardian to try and coexist with humans.

Clinging on to the edge of sanity, Anna fears losing herself to the thirst and sexual lust of Vampirism, losing the last traces of her humanity and driving away the man she entrusted with love, the one she hoped to rebuild her life around.

Vampire life is a constant struggle for those trying to stay within the laws, but for Anna things become a lot more complicated when secrets about the origin of the virus are revealed by her former Guardian.

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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