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The Story Behind ‘Narcotic Nation’
By Scarlett Savage


In college, I hung out with a group of young people who were also aspiring artists; we’d hang out late into the evening, a bunch of little pseudo philosophers who were going to save the whole wide world with art. One evening, one of my friends brought over a paper they’d been assigned to read in his economics class; it was all about how if we legalized all narcotics, the country would go to hell for twenty years, and then be the better for it. I thought, ‘how interesting would it be to write about those twenty years…’ and began working on it that very night.

I am all for the legalization of narcotics. Prohibition of any kind, history has proven, simply doesn’t work. A hundred years ago, they would prescribe heroin kits to new moms with post partum depression; dock bosses would give workers their allotment of cocaine to make sure they were pumped and ready to work. Now, we spend trillions–TRILLIONS–of dollars fighting drug use, distribution, and production. Can’t we find a happy medium between prescribing heroin use to new moms, and spending trillions of government money that could be used feeding our hungry and paying for insurance and medical care for our sickly?

Additionally, the ONE drug that is hands down the most dangerous, alcohol, is as legal as breathing. I’ve seen alcohol turn sweet, loving people into brutal, vicious monsters. My own mother, one of the most intelligent people ever put on God’s earth, once she discovered alcohol, dove into a bottle of MD 20/20 and never looked back. The loving, wonderful woman she was when sober was eaten alive by the demon she became when she drank. And when she sobered the next morning, she wouldn’t remember a thing. Alcohol destroyed her.

You never, ever read that someone picked up an axe and killed their family after smoking a joint; you hear they drank a fifth of tequila and did it.

There are people locked up in prison, being subjected to unimaginable tortures, because they bought and/or used narcotics. We’re supporting them as they learn how to be better criminals (if they survive this torture, that is). We could put the farmers back to work. We could create millions of jobs–both in creation and distribution– and all the money we spend fighting drugs, we could spend educating people in public schools on the dangers of usage. We could spend the money we make in taxing them helping this country rise from the ashes of what it once was to become great again.

Drug use isn’t going anywhere. Once we realize that, we can make decisions that will best serve the country; take the money out of the hands of the drug lords and stop turning addicts into criminals.


Narcotic Nation

Synopsis:  It’s present-day America, but in which all Narcotics were legalized fifteen years ago with the advent of the Freedman Bill (the formal name for the Legalization). While there is finally plenty of money to pay police, teachers, firemen, and other public workers, and no one in the country is without food, shelter, or insurance, the government now utilizes methods designed to keep usage within a safe parameter…violating many Constitutional rights in the process. The country is torn by this decision. There are the Realists, who firmly feel that since drug use isn’t going away, that they should tax it, make it available, and put those trillions toward improving the country and its citizens. The Idealists are convinced we are allowing our baser instincts to be used for the good of the politicians, and are fiercely fighting for the bill to be overturned. In the midst of all this, rock band Deus Ex Machina (latin for “God from the Machine”), having won an American Idol-type competition, executes its first world tour. Roped into participating by his lead singer girlfriend, Raven, bassist and aspiring politico Ashe Brecken is dismayed when his band actually wins on live television. But there’s a silver lining for him—he can use his newfound celebrity toward a purpose. Working hand in hand with Stay Straight, the organization dedicated to overturning the Legalization, his dedication borders on zealotry. What he doesn’t know is there is a saboteur in the band…someone that supports the Legalization and the help it offers to sick and hungry children. After a public humiliation completely discredits him in the eyes of Stay Straight and the entire country, As he deploys deadly designs to make his statement to the world. Turning to someone he’s long despised to assist him in this dangerous effort, this longtime band of friends find themselves keeping treacherous secrets from each other while they’re in the midst of changing not only the nation, but the whole world. But at what cost?

Scarlett Savage 2About the Author:

Scarlett Savage was born and raised in Maine. She began her writing career at age 5 after reading LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS. When she finished the book, she announced to her family that she would become an author. She began to write stories but soon turned her attention to the theater, which led her to explore playwriting. By the time she was in high school, she was writing for professional stage companies in Maine. She received a full scholarship to the University of Maine at Orono, where she won her first major writing awards. Her play, DEAR DADDY, LOVE CASSIE, won several awards and raised money for both national and regional sexual assault support centers. Scarlett moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and made her L.A. theater debut with her latest play, SHE F*&KING HATES ME: A LOVE STORY. She lives in Santa Monica with the love of her life, Mike Biggie, who designed the cover of NARCOTIC NATION.
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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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