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What better way to kick off Rocktober than with a guitarist / author on my blog! We’re talking about the merging of two passions here. Music and books. Both are very passionate areas on many different levels. As I write the intro to this blog, I’m listening to Jeremy’s band, Lupara and I have to just admire his mad guitar skills. Hopefully someday I get my back better and maybe get to shoot a show. For as much as I love blogging about books and meeting all these amazing people, I love being behind a lens in the photo pit of a concert just as much. A lot of what I learned from shooting shows and working with bands comes to play in what I do now. I can’t see a better merging than music and books. From the simplest form of a song inspiring a mood for a book or even the idea for a book as a whole, to the mechanics of writing and some of the things that Jeremy talks about here. I think I need to write a blog of my own and quit taking over Jeremy’s. This intro has gone on entirely too long but I just love this concept! Read and enjoy!  Also stay tuned to this post at the end of it is a giveaway!


The Passion of the Words
By: Jeremy Wagner

Do you write with passion and do it every day, or do you talk about it because you think it’s just something cool to say?

I see many new writers who have a passion for the craft and are working hard on it…and I also see many newer writers give up on writing immediately. They don’t want to try getting their stuff out there because of rejections and/or they feel they have exhausted their efforts shopping stuff. The criticism is too much for their fragile egos.

Or, some don’t make it that far…they talk about it and can’t do what it takes.

Maybe that sounds harsh, but it’s what I encounter at writer’s conferences and in certain social circles. When someone say, at the grocery store or at a local party for instance says, “Oh, you’re a writer? Wow. I have this GREAT idea for a book and ‘someday’ I’ll write it.”

Well, that’s fine and dandy. I could talk about all the things I’m going to do someday, too…like be an astronaut or a Beverly Hills gynecologist. But really, writing isn’t hobby or a game—not serious writing anyway. I’m talking about passion, people. I’m talking about having a real love and commitment for writing all the time. Passion for creating stories and you’re doing all of it because you love it more than anything. You do it even if the rejections keep coming and even if they’re brutal. The passion you have for your art means you’ll continue on and you’ll move forward because it’s so rewarding to you.

Are you feeling me yet?

A young lady told me she couldn’t handle any rejections for her short story. She said she was going to quit writing. “Fine,” I said. “Maybe you need to do something in a happier and friendlier world—like the world of knitting.

When I hear newer writers say they’re giving up writing just as they started, I can’t argue with them or try to encourage them—I mean, sure, I might tell them to grow a thicker skin and get on with it—but in the end, I don’t push or shake my head. I see they don’t have the “passion,” and with that, I agree they aren’t really into writing as much as they thought.

Writing, like any other art, should be done because you love it from your heart and soul. You should get a great joy out of it. It’s not a dreaded job, capisce? You do it because the passion moves you to create. This isn’t just my opinion, it’s what I embrace: PASSION to the nth degree! Entering into writing with the some plan to get rich is bullcrap. Writing fiction and making stories is much like a musician recording a demo CD. You finish the final product, you shop it, trying to land a record deal that will lift you and your work to a higher level of visibility. Maybe you’ll make a few bucks…great. If you gain recognition in your field…great! But no matter what happens or not, do it out of the desire you have to make these stories tangible and because you love doing it. Somewhere along the line you will find some level of success and satisfaction if you work hard enough.

I’ve received countless rejections before being published and then some horrible reviews after being published. Boo-f***ing-hoo! No worries here. I’ve got the thickest skin ever. I’m armor-plated. The “passion” keeps me going without a care to what people think. You see, I write for myself only…and for the passion inside me.

I advise writers to keep on writing newer and newer stuff no matter what…and to write every day if possible. My advice here is to embrace your love of writing and continue to get better at the craft–that’s what writing every day will accomplish. It took years to obtain representation for THE ARAMGEDDON CHORD, and then another year and a half for my agent to find a publisher to buy it. Now TAC is a worldwide bestseller with stellar reviews in Publisher’s Weekly and Rolling Stone. During this time of being rejected from agents and publishers alike, I didn’t cry or throw a tantrum, I kept writing!
I know what it’s like to work toward a goal and to have the hunger and dream of being published…outside of loving the craft, I’d be a hypocrite if I said I had never wanted to be published, because that’s a huge dream. If you put the effort in, and embrace your passion, the words will take you places you’ve never thought possible. I should know…my words carry me everywhere and beyond.

–Jeremy Wagner—10/2/2011


Jeremy Wagner has thousands of worldwide fans who worship his words. Wagner has written lyrics to more than 70 published songs along with recording six albums, two MTV videos, and touring in 16 countries with his bands, Broken Hope and Lupara.

Over the last decade, Wagner has focused his artistic passion primarily in writing fiction. Wagner has been published in RIP Magazine, Terrorizer, Metal Edge, Microhorror and various works of short fiction published through Perseus Books, St. Martin’s Press, and Ravenous Romance Publishers.

Wagner’s most recent published works include the short-story, Romance Ain’t Dead, which appears as the first story in the zombie-romance anthology, Hungry For Your Love (St. Martin’s Press), and the short-story, The Creatures From Craigslist in the anthology, Fangbangers: An Erotic Anthology of Fangs, Claws, Sex and Love (Ravenous Romance Publishing).

Wagner’s debut novel, The Armageddon Chord, will be released worldwide on August 22, 2011.

Wagner has already completed two, brand-new novels this year, both of which are being revised.

On the music front, Wagner is with Lupara doing rough mixes and writing their second album at Mercenary Digital Studios. Wagner has also resurrected the band, Earthburner—the extreme grind band he formed immediately after Broken Hope disbanded. Earthburner is also writing a ton of material. Moreover, Wagner is writing solo material in his home studio.

Wagner currently resides in Chicago, IL. with his wife Kym and his step-kids.


Synopsis: Deep beneath the Egyptian sands, an ancient and evil song written in hieroglyphics is discovered in the long lost and buried pyramid of the demonic pharaoh, Aknaseth. It is written, that if this song is performed for the world to hear, it will unleash the Apocalypse upon the world of man Satan will reign and grant immortality to the chosen. With the help of abominable Egyptologist, Helmut Hartkopff, nihilistic multibillionaire, Festus Baustone the Third will do whatever it takes to bring the song to life at any cost- even if his only daughter is to be sacrificed. Kirk Vaisto, dubbed the God of Guitar by his millions of fans, soon finds himself caught between the forces of divine good and monumental evil. Vaisto begins a musical journey that takes him from an unholy chapter in ancient Egyptian history to the very remains of the Holy Cross, to the concert stage, and beyond all this, to the very edge of Hell itself. Will Kirk give the performance of a lifetime and either deliver our world from evil or will he annihilate us all with the stroke of his hand? What will happen when Kirk Vasito strikes The Armageddon Chord?

Buy it now at:
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Jeremy has offered up a copy of the Armageddon Chord!  This is a paperback copy valued at $17.99!  All you have to do to enter is comment!  Make sure to put a valid email in the email box because that’s how I’m going to contact the winner.  A winner will be chosen at random by on Wednesday at 8pm Eastern.  Good luck!

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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  • October 3, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    Jeremy, you’re awesome. Feel free to share that armor-like skin of yours over here. Not about my writing; I’m there with you. But there are other places where it’d come in handy…

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  • October 4, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Hmmm, must have been under a rock yesterday!
    Thank heavens I came out….nice interview!!!! To think I almost missed it!!!!!!!!
    Jeremy Wagner, I mean Really???!!!!…..The book looks great…I’ll have to add it to my TBR list.
    Thanks Misty!!!!!

  • October 5, 2011 at 11:21 am

    Sounds like a great book! Even if I don’t win I still plan on getting a copy – how can I pass up a book that combines two of my favorite things – books and music 🙂

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    I LOVE books! especially FREE ones! Count me in! This sounds good!

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