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Cave Paintings that Talk

Imagine being able to have those conversations that never happened, with parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great-great grandparents . . . back in time. What were the times like? Were you ever in love? How did you select your occupation? Did you really believe in slavery? Or tell me about coming across on a slave ship. What was it like as the gardener, seducing the daughter of the castle owner and escaping to America during the potato famine? Didn’t you think it wrong you couldn’t vote? What were you thinking during the Wars? Didn’t everyone realize smoking would kill them? Why did the owner of the mine blackball you from the union in the Depression? Did you ever commit a crime? Did you ever feel the way I feel, or is this new? And on and on . . .

It would be wonderful to learn more from history. Within our blood families, the people who have a higher probability of sharing our personality traits–would they be similar to us? Or do the differences in our environmental experiences and opportunity make us quite different? And imagine hearing from entirely different voices, other cultures far away, not filtered through those who wrote the books, but the actual people who felt it.

We have the ability to begin this today. All of my three kids have Facebook pages beginning in their teens. Our ability to video our experience now is unprecedented. If over 4 billion of the planet’s 6.8 billion people own mobile phones in 2014, that means over 58 percent of us can begin that historical record today. Imagine if we had this from each of the past 100 generations?

Maybe the more basic topics, like family history, are great places to start. Then imagine moving to work, hobbies, passions, and interests.

We can go deeper into politics, spirituality and religion, explaining beliefs, opinions and perceptions of today. The brave may make predictions of the future, or discuss concerns about global warming, countries at war, why we are or are not doing more to aid mankind.

Maybe there are recordings that are considered so personal they wait until the speaker, their spouse, and others in the family are no longer alive. Feelings of love, fears, admissions of failure, hopes and dreams that never materialized. There may be lessons of tragedy from the past that are so personal they need a generation of separation before disclosure.

The ‘way back machine’ on the web is a fantastic example of a private effort to keep the web’s crazy history, starting in 1996. So much has already come and gone on the web under 20 years, but this archive already provides great insight into the online journey we have had.

I think this is in part is behind every author’s drive, to be part of the ‘longer conversation,’ by recording their thoughts and art for posterity, in a structured body. Now imagine if the longer conversation includes all of us, relating to our families and fellow humans in videos, through out time.

Today our cave paintings can come alive rich with detail.


The Big Disrupter

Synopsis:  An anonymous donor creates a prize for One Billion Dollars to inspire social entrepreneurs to promote world change. Lionel Lane, an idealistic entrepreneur, partners with his brilliant ex-girlfriend Maxine Gold to turn around his struggling San Francisco-based company Double Vision Beverages to compete for the Big Disrupter Award.

With the help of a venture capitalist and an eccentric financier, Double Vision expands into energy drinks using the pure water from the mountains of Telluride, Colorado. Talented 21-year-old extreme skier, Reddi Christiansen, becomes the face of their quest for the youth market.

One by one the leading competitors in the Big Disrupter fall victim to unexplained tragedies. The police are mystified. The prize for social good becomes a death trap, but too rich to resist. Desperate for protection, Lionel, Maxine and Reddi enlist a former Navy SEAL cyber guru. The faster they race towards the approaching award deadline, the more the escalating dangers threaten to spin them off a cliff.

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Paul Markun grew up an entrepreneur and dreamer, starting with his first paper route at age nine in the Canal Zone of Panama.

Living in Telluride, Colorado, he started four companies with best friends before he was 24, including Fly By Night Builders, The Illusions Company, High Country Trekkers–you get the idea; great names, cool ideas, not much income.

He moved to Silicon Valley, got more education and tech experience, and started SoftIRON Systems and Fullspeed Networks, and rode the wave of the late 1990s to success. He sold SoftIRON Systems to the Williams Company (WilTel), a Fortune 300 company. In 2001 his company Fullspeed was acquired by Callisma, which became Pac Bell and then AT&T. You know them, right?

In the first decade of the 2000s, he joined fellow entrepreneurs to lead marketing for Netcordia, which later IPO’d as Infoblox (NYSE:BLOX). He also ran marketing for Sitecore, a web software company, growing it 10 X from an $8 million fledgling niche provider to an established global corporation. Paul continues to be involved with emerging companies to this day.

Paul met his wife Rachel, an attorney, when he was 18 and she was even younger at the University of Chicago. Their fountains of inspiration are their two sons and a daughter.
A passionate story teller, he turned his energies to writing about topics and characters close to his own heart. His first novel is The Big Disrupter.

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