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Today is the release day for Wicked Embers ( Sequel to Spur of The Moment ) and I promised Candace that she could take over my blog in any way she saw fit.   She has chosen to reveal her Achilles heel as a writer.  Enjoy the post and please leave comments and questions for Candace!



Definition: (n) A participle intended to modify a noun that is not actually present in the text.

During the editing process for my novel, Wicked Embers, I had one of those cringe worthy moments when I read a comment from my editor. Right off the bat, she recognized my Achilles heel…the dangling participle. As much as I wanted to take offense, I couldn’t. Not only was she right, it is her job to point out my grammatical blunders.

Years prior to this, my best friend, who also happens to have a degree in English Literature from the University of California, has been pointing out the same flaw to me. As much as I appreciate Albert’s help and adore him in general, I cannot tell you how much I dread listening to his grammar lectures. Seeing my eyes glaze over on these occasions, he attempted to fix my grammar deficiency by bestowing upon me Strunk and White’s Elements of Style – and not just any edition, but the specially bound 50th Anniversary edition. This beautiful little book has graced my bookshelf for two and a half years now. I would love to say that I found it helpful and the grammar problems I have struggled with since I began to read and write were somehow miraculously fixed simply by following the rules within it. Sadly, that is not the case.

I wish I could explain why I can look at an inspiring picture and create a story around it, yet be very perplexed after reading the definition above. It is almost as if there is a block in my mind keeping the technical aspects of writing from getting through. One mention of a dependent clause or adjective and my mind starts to wander.

As proud as I am of my accomplishments, I am embarrassed to say that I had to look up the definitions for the grammatical errors my editor pointed out to me. If that were not bad enough, I had to call Albert to have him explain the definitions to me. Familiar with my quirky thought process, he always manages to give me examples I can understand.

I currently have five books in various stages of being published. I received a contract for my first ever attempt at writing, A Knight of Silence. How can I not understand the rules that make up the stories I create? It is beyond frustrating for someone like me with the obsessive need to create the perfect story to have this major flaw. After years of struggling to understand grammar, I think that is the reason why I tune out when Albert tries to help me. No matter how hard I try, I just do not get it.

Thanks to Albert, I do recognize some grammatical errors while I am making them. If I force myself to focus on the mechanics of writing instead of storytelling, I do not make any. However, if you ask me what type of error I avoided, I would not be able to tell you if it was a dangling modifier, split infinitive, possessive adjective, or my main nemesis….the dangling participle.

Born in a suburb of Chicago, Candace C. Bowen moved to Pompano Beach, Florida with her family at an early age. A graduate of Pompano Beach High School, Candace worked for a number of years for a local state politician and in the produce brokerage industry.

Unlike some authors, Candace can pinpoint the exact date her writing career began. On March 17, 2008, she witnessed deaf actress Marlee Maitlin’s amazing performance on Dancing With the Stars. Inspired, Candace realized that out of the hundreds of romance novels she had read over the years, not one of them featured a deaf heroine. Selecting her favorite time-period in history, Candace formed a rough outline for a story. Using a laptop in her free time, her first attempt at writing became a full-length historical romance entitled, A KNIGHT OF SILENCE.

Fortunate to find a home for her novel, Candace’s first work is now available at most book retailers or through Seven Realms Publishing. Released in November of 2010, A Knight of Silence was voted best Romance eBook of the year by The Gatekeepers Post.

Finding inspiration in the strangest of places, Candace’s idea for her second novel came to her as she held two medieval religious medals. Literally created as she typed, her paranormal time travel romance, SPUR OF THE MOMENT, was born. Fortunate once again, Candace contracted the novel with Rhemalda Publishing. Spur of the Moment is currently available wherever books are sold or through Rhemalda.

The sequel to SPUR OF THE MOMENT entitled, WICKED EMBERS, becomes available through Rhemalda Publishing on September 1, 2012.

A KNIGHT OF BATTLE (Knight Series – Vol. II), is scheduled to be released through Seven Realms Publishing in November 2012.

Candace’s romantic suspense novel, JACK OF HEARTS, surrounds the infamous Ripper murders in Victorian England. With a new take on what happened to Jack the Ripper, Candace once again contracted with Seven Realms Publishing. Jack of Hearts will be available in 2013.

Her teenage imagination pervaded by the works of Stephen King, Candace is currently working on a story entitled, VOODOO FIRE. Set in present-day New Orleans during Mardi Gras, the story follows a group of college kids encountering more than they bargained for when they conduct a séance beside the tomb of the infamous voodoo queen, Marie Laveau.

Candace also has a pirate tale lined-up covering the daring exploits of Ireland’s Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley in, THE PIRATE’S GEM.

She resides with her son and adopted cat (Spud’s) in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Member of:

RWA ~ Romance Writers of America.

FRW ~ Florida Romance Writers.






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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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    Candace! Congrats on your new book release! I’m as excited for the sequel to SPOTM as you are to be releasing it. You are an amazing writer and I feel so lucky to know you.

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      Thank you SO much, Misty. I am blessed to know you and honored to call you my friend.

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    Love Candace’s work. I’m so glad the new book is out now. Congratulations to her!

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    So exciting! I’m so glad I got Spur of the moment and fell into your books!

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    I am super glad I’m not the only one who has issues with the dangling participle… Super excited to read your work!

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