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The Stranger You Seek:

In the sweltering heat of an Atlanta summer, a killer is pushing the city to its breaking point, preying on the unsuspecting, writing taunting letters to the media, promising more death. Desperate to stop the Wishbone Killer, A.P.D. lieutenant Aaron Rauser turns to the one person he knows can penetrate a deranged mind: Keye Street, an ex–FBI profiler and former addict who now picks up jobs where she can get them. But the last thing Keye wants is to be pulled into the firestorm of Atlanta’s worst nightmare. And then it suddenly becomes clear that the hunter has become the hunted—and the stranger she seeks is far closer than she ever dared imagine.

Stranger In The Room:

Atlanta private investigator and ex–FBI profiler Keye Street wants nothing more than time alone with her boyfriend, Aaron—but, as usual, murder gets in the way. A.P.D. Lieutenant Aaron Rauser is called to the disturbing scene of the strangling death of a thirteen-year-old boy. Meanwhile, Keye, a recovering alcoholic, must deal with her emotionally fragile cousin, who has her own history of drug abuse and is now convinced that she is being stalked. But all hell breaks loose when another murder—the apparent hanging of an elderly man—hits disturbingly close to home for Keye. Though the two victims have almost nothing in common, there are bizarre similarities between this case and that of Aaron’s strangled teen. With the threat of more deaths to come, Keye works on pure instinct alone—and soon realizes that a killer is circling ever closer to the people she loves the most.

Don’t Talk To Strangers:

He likes them smart.
In the woods of Whisper, Georgia, two bodies are found: one recently dead, the other decayed from a decade of exposure to the elements. The sheriff is going to need help to track down an experienced predator—one who abducts girls and holds them for months before ending their lives. Enter ex–FBI profiler and private investigator Keye Street.

He lives for the struggle.
After a few weeks, Keye is finally used to sharing her downtown Atlanta loft with her boyfriend, A.P.D. Lieutenant Aaron Rauser. Along with their pets (his dog, her cat) they seem almost like a family. But when Rauser plunks a few ice cubes in a tumbler and pours a whiskey, Keye tenses. Her addiction recovery is tenuous at best.

And loves the fear.
Though reluctant to head out into the country, Keye agrees to assist Sheriff Ken Meltzer. Once in Whisper, where the locals have no love for outsiders, Keye starts to piece together a psychological profile: The killer is someone who stalks and plans and waits. But why does the sociopath hold the victims for so long, and what horrible things must they endure? When a third girl goes missing, Keye races against time to connect the scant bits of evidence. All the while, she cannot shake the chilling feeling: Something dark and disturbing lives in these woods—and it is watching her every move.

I’m giving away a full set of the Keye Street series!  These are in ebook format and can be winner’s choice of Kindle or Nook.  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with a valid email in the email field.  I will choose a winner on Monday June 30th.  You will then receive the first two books and the third one will be gifted to you on release day ( July 1 ) or as soon as amazon or BN allow gifting!  Good luck!

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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  • June 27, 2014 at 8:21 pm

    Waiting with bated breath for book three. Absolutely love this series. Keye is one of the best characters, male or female, to emerge in recent history!

  • June 27, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    Oh, man I can not wait! Keye Street rocks!

  • June 27, 2014 at 8:33 pm

    Oops! I think I entered the first timers by mistake! I meant to enter this one. Sorry!

  • June 28, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Count me in!

  • June 30, 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Congrats Susan! I will email you shortly with how to claim your prize!

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