From Aspiring to Established Writers, A Little Help Doesn’t Hurt – Q&A With F.L. Bicknell

From Aspiring to Established Writers, A Little Help Doesn’t Hurt

When you go through edits, does your manuscript come back to you with so many highlights it looks like someone threw a bag of Skittles at the screen? Are you tired of seeing so many tracking lines it masquerades as a star chart to another galaxy? Do you want to kick your own butt because you keep making the same mistakes no matter how much your editor points them out? Does your editor ask you if you suffer Brain Fart Syndrome because of this?

Grab a copy of Avoid Writer’s Hell: Publishing Flame Repellents! Faith Bicknell-Brown, author and editor for over twenty-seven years, offers tips on how to catch and remove unnecessary words, phrases and repeats from your prose. From excessive adverbs to pet words and phrases to author’s voice and more, Faith’s book will help you polish up those stories, cutting down on revision headaches. She shows you how to approach editors and literary agents, shares dos and donts of publishing etiquette and even explains—in hilarious ways—how to catch incorrect grammar and punctuation errors.

Do you write erotic romance, erotica or GBLT? There are even tips, examples and advice for those genres. This isn’t a stuffy, dry how-to book, so bring your sense of humor. Like to laugh and have fun as you learn? Don’t miss out on this book! It’s packed with experience and humor. Two versions are available—Rated R and PG-13. Avoid Writer’s Hell: Publishing Flame Repellants is available in both paperback and e-book versions.

tree09And the beautiful paperback version makes a great Christmas gift! Get one for yourself, the loved one struggling to write papers for school/college or your relative or friend who is an author or aspires to be one.

Now, ask Faith a question—make sure it’s a question—about creative writing, the submissions process, editors, agents, genres, or whatever is on your mind about writing and be entered to win a choice of either a Wild Child Publishing tote OR a Freya’s bower tote OR, if you don’t want a tote, there is also a Wild Child Publishing coffee mug. Also included in this giveaway is a promotional copy of Avoid Writer’s Hell (promotional copy has formatting errors). Make sure to leave your email address with your question so you can be contacted should your name be drawn for the prize. Drawing ends Monday, November 24 2014.

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Interested in a polished copy for yourself or as a gift? Here are the links:

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Fiction writing is Faith’s entire life. Her mind constantly brews ideas, characters, new worlds, and creatures. Crafting stories began when she was a small child, progressing into non-fiction and poetry too. When someone mentions that writing is easy, Faith replies, “Writing is a tough job. Many hours, horrible mood swings, research, and revisions go into creating a great tale. I’ve been truly fortunate to have a ring of family and dear friends who support me every step of the way. My biggest dilemma is figuring out how to progress with all five of my novels at the same time!” Faith’s work has appeared in many publications both small circ and national, including Canada. Another way she express herself is through drawing and painting. Most of her themes are based on nature and fantasy. During 1999 Faith provided the cover art for Poet’s Fantasy. Her latest art project is a children’s picture book, targeting ages 7-10. Although she enjoys art, writing is foremost in her life. “My writing is like a rushing river of words within me, something that can be harnessed, but never contained.” Her work is currently represented by the Triada US agency.

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4 thoughts on “From Aspiring to Established Writers, A Little Help Doesn’t Hurt – Q&A With F.L. Bicknell

  • November 18, 2014 at 7:02 pm

    This awesome, Faith congratulations on the updated book and having it in paperback.

    My question: When something happens after or its a long sentence I heard it okay to use; then, but can you also use; and then or, and then?


  • November 19, 2014 at 10:43 am

    Hi Janice.

    It would depend on the publisher. Technically, ‘and then’ is correct but I do believe it’s US English that uses ‘and then. Some UK publishers only use ‘then’ unless the then phrase can stand alone as a sentence by placing a noun or pronoun in it like so: Kate dressed hurriedly, her hands shaking with nervousness, then she remembered her shoes and rushed into the bathroom to look for them. If you had put ‘and’ before ‘then’ a UK editor will often omit it.

  • November 20, 2014 at 10:15 am

    How hard was it to edit your book to the PG level? Or, did you spice up the original version?

  • November 20, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Actually, I wrote the original spicy version first and notated the parts that I’d have to go back and remove for the PG-13 version. It worked out quite well, lol. 😀

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