About TTS

The Top Shelf was created by Misty Rayburn on November of 2010 with the goal of introducing readers to books they may not have found otherwise.  We review all genres, even erotica and we also review audiobooks!  For the reader, we offer deals, freebies and neat events on our Facebook page and for authors, we have many resources to get your book out there.

Here’s some information on some of the things we offer:

Advertising Space: Advertise with us for your website, your next book, kickstarter or anything else! TTS offers advertising space at fairly low cost!  Information and pricing will be available soon!

Q and A Sessions:  Want to put yourself in the hot seat and answer questions?  Schedule a Q and A session!  We’ll set up a post for your session and you can check throughout the day between your busy writing schedule.  Questions will be posted in the comments section.  TTS uses the Disqus plugin for comments so users can sign in easily with many different social media forms.

Interviews:  I pride myself on asking compelling questions when interviewing so you’ll never get a pre-made set of questions from me!  In the future, we’re thinking about doing audio interviews but for now they’re just text based.  Want to do an interview?  Let us know!  ( Form coming soon )  I may ask to read your book if I haven’t already so that way I’m in the know.  There will be no spoilers during this interview.  Review will also follow after I read your book.

Guest Blog:  Wanna be a guest on The Top Shelf?  Awesome!  Let’s do that!  If you have  a pre-made guest blog, I ask that it’s only been sent to 5 blogs previously.  I know you don’t have a lot of time but it’s a waste of my time to post something like that.  It might be new to my readers, but it won’t be to yours and there’s little to no exchange there.  If you’d like for me to come up with a topic, I would love to.

Book Trailer Feature and Deal Sharing:  I think book trailers are absolutely awesome and for that reason, I am offering book trailer features for free.  Why do you ask?  Because it’s going to be up to me which ones I show.  This and deal sharing are the only sort of promotion I do for free and both are at my discretion.  Chosen featured trailers and deals will be shared on the blog, on Facebook to 1,100+ users and on Facebook to another 1,000+ users.

Reviews:  Do we do reviews!?  Of course we do reviews!  There are no genre restrictions here.  If you’d like to submit your book, just as with everything else fill out this form ( coming soon )!

There may be other things coming in the future.  I will add them here as they are available.