Maggie Moo’s First Autograph!

I want to introduce you all to Maggie Moo.  She’s a border collie / springer spaniel / sheppard mix.  I think though she’s taken after the border collie more than anything.  Why?  She’s SMART!  Almost too smart and if you let her, she’ll train you.  For a while I had to bribe her with cat food to get her to go through any door.  I have to coax her outside with the promise of dog treats or she’ll just stand there and whine even if she really needs to go.  Sometimes she’ll just go right there on the spot.. So it’s better to give her the dog treats! 🙂

My dad brought her home as a puppy with a really sad story of how there were some puppies in an abandoned house and that she ran out in front of his truck.  All of it was a load of crap.  He went to a friend’s house and picked her out.  While mom was calling for places that might take her, dad handed her to me and I’m standing there looking at mom, holding a shaking puppy and wondering to myself if mom would actually kill me if I mentioned that I wanted to keep her.

Dad confessed to me on the porch that he really got the dog from his friend and told me not to tell mom but I did anyway.  Reason being that she was going to go look for Maggie’s siblings!  He still to this day says I should have kept the secret but I think telling the truth was the right thing.

Anyway, fast forward to when Brandon got home from work.  Now as some of you know, Brandon is blind.  So he had no idea we had a new puppy until I told him to hold “this” for me and I plopped her right into his hands.  Now at first he thought that she was my cat, Angelus.   Then he realized that the lump in his hands wasn’t cat shaped at all.

So now she’s ours!  Has been for the last two years and she loves her sister Brandy (terrier mix ) and her brothers Angelus and George ( cats ).  My parents have found she’s a great babysitter for their new chihuahua puppy they’ve named Pepper.  Maggie is an absolute sweetheart and we are truly blessed to have her.

Maggie loves me and Brandon to death.  Although she’s more upset when I leave than when Brandon does.  She’s used to him going to work everyday.  Meanwhile, I’ve been stuck with a back injury that for a while made it to where I couldn’t go out at all.  When I started physical therapy, mom said she was a wreck while I was gone, whining and pacing and she could almost sense when I was about to return home.  Last week, when I went to the Alice Cooper concert, she was a little better but she still follows me around like a shadow ever since.

She’s almost always with me when I’m online.  Most of the time, she’s between me and the laptop which I think is a border collie’s way of telling you “Mom, you need a break, so why not love on me!?”  One day I told her I had to work and she gave me the grumpy look above.  Maggie has been there for pretty much everything Top Shelf related.  I would say she’s probably my biggest fan. 🙂

Maggie loves for me to read to her.  You heard that right, I read to my dogs.  Mostly children’s books that involve dogs but they love hearing me read.  They also love musicals.  Last 4th of July, I put on Little Shop of Horrors and they totally forgot about the fireworks and were asleep by Audrey’s first song.  It amused me greatly.  But yeah.  My dogs like to hear me read to them.

When I met Leland Dirks for the first time, I loved the concept of his book Angelo’s Journey.  After all, who doesn’t love a good doggy book?  But I guess Moo heard me talking to Brandon or Riz about it and she started acting like she was really interested.  That picture on the left is the FIRST time she’s ever laid on my e-reader and acted like she wanted me to read to her.  I’m so happy I caught this picture because it’s so absolutely adorable!

I had bought Angelo’s Journey but I had been so busy with so many other things that I hadn’t had a chance to read it to Moo or even read it for myself.  It was on my Kindle app which I read on my phone and soon after I had bought it, it was just my luck that Leland had released the book for Nook! At my request nonetheless!  Nuts! Should have waited.  Leland felt bad so he offered a signed copy.  I of course told Maggie nothing.  I wanted it to be a surprise for her.

That surprise arrived in the mail today.

When the mailman brought it, the last name Dirks totally didn’t ring a bell in my head.  Not surprising considering my sugar had been crashing all day.  Finally braincells rubbed together and I realized just what it was I was holding in my hands.  So I first let the dogs out, fed them lunch and then took the envelope back upstairs with Moo.  She was sniffing it anxiously.  She even licked it once but I missed a shot of that.  Shutter speed on the camera isn’t fast enough.

So she anxiously awaited me opening the package, enduring me more than likely annoying her to hell with “What’s in the package Moo?” and “Mommy’s opening it!”  If I were her I would have told me to shut the heck up and open the dang thing already!  But she just intently watched, her little pig tail looking ears covering the intent and contemplative stare I know was on her face.  She was hovering over that package and she didn’t move.  Obviously she wanted to know what it was.

When I pulled out that book and showed it to her, she did the doggy equivalent of flipping out.  She guarded it!  The cats got warning growls and so did Brandy.  Nobody was to get near her book.  More than likely that was because she smelled Angelo and Maggie but it was so cute.  Moo wouldn’t seriously hurt anybody but you could tell she liked her gift!  I tried to get more pictures of her with the book, but she wouldn’t hold still for me.

So that’s how Maggie got her first ever autograph and that’s why I’m blogging about my dogs here! I hope you found it as cute as I did.  Dogs really are like children!  They love to be read to and to get gifts just like we do!

Perhaps tonight I will curl up with Maggie and start Angelo’s story with her.  For now though, she’s taking a nap.  I don’t really blame her.  Getting your first autograph is seriously exciting!  Especially when it’s from an author and judging from her reaction, I’d have to say that Angelo is her favorite.

So long for now! – ♥ Moo

Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She is an avid reader and is the owner of The Top Shelf

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